Rarity Ranking Rewards

We believe having a strong community is the most important aspect to have a successful NFT collection. Bonfire Club is proud to introduce Rarity Ranking Rewards. Flame Head holders are eligible to receive rewards in different ways from every NFT collection ranked with us. NFT teams that want to have their NFT listed or featured within the Bonfire Club will have to give some type of benefit to Flame Head holders. There are many ways NFT teams can provide value. The more collections listed with us; the more rewards holders are eligible to receive.

Ways To Get Listed:

  • Already released NFT collections can giveaway NFTs to our holders for a discounted listing price
  • Upcoming collections looking to get listed will have the option to giveaway whitelist spots
  • Teams that would like to only pay in ETH will be able to, giving a larger portion of ETH to our Community Vault

Community Vault

Great plans for the future of Bonfire Club require large funds. Establishing the Community Vault allows holders to become involved further for future plans that await. This will be funded through Ethereum allocated from individuals listing with us. Holders will get the opportunity to have a say in how community funds will be spent.

Crypto Domain Listings

Bonfire Club introduces Crypto Domain Listings. As the NFT space continues its explosive growth, more people are buying crypto domains. Anyone who wishes to list their crypto domain can simply input the required information and wait for an interested buyer to view their listing without the clutter of a marketplace. This is a much easier process than endlessly scrolling through a marketplace searching for a crypto domain you like. Once a buyer is interested they can be redirected to a marketplace to purchase the domain or contact you directly through the Bonfire Club.

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